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250 Colis Paper Cups 7oz 3000 Pcs – 42 €

10,500.00 per 250 Boxes
Set of 3000 Disposable Cups Ecological in Recyclable 200 ML - 7Oz minimum purchase 250 PACKAGES (agitators Not Included) Made in Turkey

Paper kraft bags 90 GR kraft – 50 000 PIECES

8,500.00 per 50 000 Pieces
Unprinted kraft bag with twisted handle, 18 cm X 23 cm X 8 cm  It is produced from 90 gr kraft paper. It is made of high quality and thick material for all your products. It provides stylish and safe transportation. If desired, the company logo can be made MADE IN TURKEY AVAILABLE PRODUCT SIZES 25X31X12  90GR KRAFT 29X15X29 90 GR KRAFT 32X12X41 90 GR KRAFTS 38X25X36 90GR KRAFT Please contact our sales representatives for more detailed information and price options.

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